Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republican Genius

The Republican Party had a stroke of genius during their National Convention (RNC). Before they presented Sarah Palin to the public, the Party's stalwarts took aim at the media—calling them left-leaning and blaming them for the Republican’s tarnished image. The trick worked so well that even after Governor Palin spoke, the media was uncharacteristically quiet. Instead of criticizing her speech, record, or experience, the media painted Palin as the darling of the convention who electrified the crowds. Somehow, the media glossed over the fact that Sarah Palin said nothing—like the rest of the speakers at the Convention—about the Party's policies, programs or plans for the future. These were not on the Republican menu because the RNC had two well-defined goals that week: attack the media and glorify John MaCain.

Unlike the other speakers, however, Palin attacked Barack Obama. Her first major speech reeked of bile. She was mean, vicious, and inaccurate with her allegations. Her speech was not worthy of a national convention and clearly unbecoming of a candidate for national office. Her performance dragged US politics and elections to an all time low and it seemed more suited for a stand-up comedy routine. Unlike McCain, Palin had not promised to conduct a dignified campaign and she never promised to behave during the campaign.

Sarah Palin’s inclusion in the Republican ticket fits seamlessly into the party’s plan to retain control of the White House. She and her Party are unjustly maligned, unfairly judged. The RNC was not a rally in support of change of any kind, official rhetoric notwithstanding: it was a call to defend the control of the Presidency—it was like watching Orcs itching for war. They will neither campaign on the issues nor play on voters' fears. The strategy is clear: Avoid issues. Pick fights. Spew hate. Spit venom. Vote Republican.

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