Sunday, October 21, 2007

A "moral revolution"?

Speaker Jose de Venecia's call for a "moral revolution" is incredible. His name is one I never imagined could be written next to the word "moral."

JdV conspired with Arroyo's allies to keep her in power despite every indication that she rigged the 2004 presidential elections. He stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and urged his colleagues to stave off any attempt to impeach the President because she is still the best person to lead the country.

De Venecia attempted to deceive the Supreme Court by claiming that there was a clamor for constitutional change despite all evidence to the contrary. He would rewrite an entire Constitution to fit his personal agenda.

He is the poster child for the "trapo" -- the traditional politicians who have mismanaged the country since western-style government was introduced in the Philippines. These are officials who use public office for personal gain.

This change in the Speaker's personality is another manifestation of "trapo" politics; the increasingly unpopular President, bogged down by scandal after scandal, may be getting too hot to handle. JdV may be thinking it is time to abandon her to save his own skin.

A real revolution in Philippine politics, if the Speaker truly wants one, requires the removal of the political and social apparatus that has been keeping the "trapo" in power. In short, let it start with Jose de Venecia and his ilk.

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